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Our Skills

Our driven, results-focused team of marketers, creatives, designers, and strategists thrive on big results. This is how we do it.

Social Media Marketing

We grow solar companies and generate quality leads through Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. We pride ourselves on having a deep understanding of how these platforms operate like the back of our hands such as how to read the metrics to know our next ROI-producing move, how to work with the algorithm versus against it, graphic designs to increase results as well as proven strategies we’ve collected throughout the years.

Programmatic Media Buying

We use powerful data to advertise your business on relevant websites that fit your ideal demographics to drive additional traffic and leads through your website. For example, a user reading an article on the benefits of renewable energy and going solar will see your ads appear in the middle of that article.


On average, only 2% of your website traffic will convert on the first visit. Retargeting allows you to keep track of people who visited your website and display ads to them across other platforms and websites that they visit online. Creating multiple touchpoints with the user after they visit your website allows you to stay top of mind, increase your brand awareness, and ultimately aiming to increase conversions.

Reactivation Campaigns

“Reactivation” simply means trying to re-engage leads that once expressed an interest in your company but have since fallen off or you were never able to make contact with them after they became a lead. Not every lead will be ready right then and there to buy from you when they opt-in or apply on your website, but it’s important to send them through reactivation campaigns to attempt making them a warm lead again.

Lead Management Software

The largest solar company in the United States contacts their leads within 3 seconds of their leads opting in, as they know that’s the most critical time to convert leads. Our lead management software allows your sales team to get in contact with their leads immediately upon them filling out your form online. Automated calls, voicemails, texts, emails, a built-in scheduler and automated company review requests are a few of the features that help automate your sales process, free up your sales team’s time, and provide a better, more impressive experience for your leads.

Commercial Video

We fly out to your location to strategize, script, cast, produce, shoot, edit and deliver commercial-style or short social media style videos that captivate your audience and showcase your unique brand.

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