Case Studies

40% Increase in Contact Rate With Leads

40% Increase in Contact Rate With Leads 2560 1440 Solar Leads Fast

Context We recently spoke to the Director of Marketing for the largest solar company in the United States, and they mentioned one of the biggest reasons why they are so successful at closing leads and…

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Cutting Cost Per Leads By 79%

Cutting Cost Per Leads By 79% 1920 1281 Solar Leads Fast

A client’s goal was to cut their cost per lead so that they could achieve more leads at a specific marketing budget. What these guys do is nothing like other marketing companies we’ve tried in…

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Generating $15,600 in 3 Days

Generating $15,600 in 3 Days 1277 960 Solar Leads Fast

“Reactivation campaigns” are a way of re-engaging older leads that once expressed an interest in your company, but have since fallen off or you were never able to make contact with them after they originally…

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248x Return of Ad Spend

248x Return of Ad Spend 2160 1440 Solar Leads Fast

Generating a 248x return of advertising spend for this client was accomplished through a series  of campaign optimization steps. We took a look at the digital marketing metrics that their in house marketing team was managing and made adjustments…

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37.8x Return of Ad Spend

37.8x Return of Ad Spend 2400 1348 Solar Leads Fast

We’re attributing this one to our Venus Fly Trap method. Essentially, we create a video campaign and remarket to the users who showed the highest intent or interest (we typically look at those who watched…

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